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How Bartercard Works

Turn excess capacity, vacancies and stock into additional sales by being a part of the Bartercard Network.

If you are an established business, then it’s highly possible that you would have conducted direct barters with other businesses.
For many business owners, the ideal situation occurs when they are able to move excess stock, idle inventory or fill up spare vacancies without incurring additional costs. While these barter deals very often create win-win situations, they are incredibly inflexible and rare.

This is due to the gap between the supply and demand of goods and services. While a business may have the goods or services you need, they may not necessarily need yours. This has severely limited direct bartering between businesses.

The solution

To overcome this, Bartercard created a currency that enables business owners to conveniently trade with over 3,000 cardholders in Thailand. With Bartercard’s trade baht, you can trade with businesses nationally and globally in a flexible, secure and fully accountable way.

By using Bartercard, you earn trade bahts for the goods and services that you provide. The value of your sale is then recorded electronically for you in a similar way to that of a bank account, allowing you to accumulate trade baht for use later on.

When you need to purchase the goods or services of other Bartercard members, you can spend the trade baht that you have in your account. To get the most out of your Bartercard account, we also offer an interest-free line of credit to help start you off.

Find out more about how you can effectively use Bartercard to make your business more successful>>