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Building & Construction

See how Bartercard works for a sub-contractor, tradesperson, builder or supplier.

Are you looking for an edge over your competition that'll help you win more quotes, fill your down time and increase your profits?  For over 26 years, builders, subbies, tradies and suppliers have been using Bartercard to help convert their downtime into extra sales or jobs and, with the trade baht they've earned, offset some of their business cash expenses.  By tapping into Bartercard's network of approximately 35,000 business owners, they've been able to develop partnerships and strategic alliances, which has enabled them to win more jobs using Bartercard.

Reviews from Bartercard members...

Bartercard Member:  MR. SUNTHORN
PHOCHANASRICHAI - Sinkao Marble Co., Ltd.

Membership: 1 year 2 Months
Website: www.sinkaomarble.com

Sinkao Marble is an established manufacturer and distributor of marble,mosaics and marble furniture. Bartercard has tremendous benefits when releasing products, as well as using the trade for company expenses. As we have no sales team, but still have a product to sell, Bartercard has been a big help with distribution and we use the trade we get from non-cash sales to save cash later, such as car repairs, renting trucks to help us move products, attending exhibitions and trading for in-office products, such as files, desk and chair sets and New Year gifts for clients, like gift baskets. Bartercard’s also been very helpful for expanding our client base, with a BDM who assists us in a variety of ways.Also, the other Bartercard members have been very responsive to our products.

So if you’re looking to…

  • save cash on advertising and marketing
  • save cash on material costs
  • save cash on regular business expenses like accounting, vehicle servicing and legal

…and you’d also like to…

  • fill your unproductive and idle time
  • access a new customer base to promote your business to new markets
  • sell extra products and services at full value

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