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Health & Beauty

You're a health, beauty or wellness business and would like to know how Bartercard will work for you

To grow your business, you're looking for an edge that'll expose yourself to new markets and fill your unproductive downtime.  You don't want to go down the path of heavy discounting because you know it attracts one time only clients, not the long term loyal clientele you really want to attract.

For over 26 years, health, wellness and beauty businesses have turned to Bartercard for help to give them the edge over their competition.  They're not happy accepting the quiet downtime, or using heavy discounting which devalues they're brand.  Instead they're using the network of 35,000 people in Bartercard to convert their unfilled appointments and excess or idle stock into trade dollars.  They then use the trade baht to reduce their cash expenses.

Reviews: Bartercard members in this industry share their Bartercard successes...

Bartercard Member: Dr. Jaruwarintr Chawengchettanon - Apple Smile Co., Ltd.

Membership: Half Year
Website: www.inspiresmileclinic.com

Inspire Smile Clinic located at Siam Square One, 6th Floor, is a clinic that opened with a commitment to give patients the most comfortable and best dental care service possible. I’ve been a dentist for almost 20 years.The Clinic is an excellent facility offering a wide range of services and dental care from well known,specialized dentists in each department. Clinic is furnished with a comfortable atmosphere and offers the newest technology that’s available inThailand: 2 Dimension Digital Imaging is used to analyze abnormality of skull and face to enable clinic to have a better understanding of the patient’s condition and take better care of them. The clinic is set in center of town; making it convenient for patients to come by sky train.

In my opinion, the most important benefit from Bartercard is the membership client base. We have received quite a lot of clients from Bartercard,almost as though Bartercard is doing marketing for us. If we impress the members with our service, the clinic receives a recommendation by word of mouth contributing to the good reputation of the clinic. Additionally my mother who is in the Property business benefits from Bartercard as well. My mother trades construction materials like tile and walls for building houses and turns it into cash benefit. So the benefit is not only for me but for my family as well.

My impression of Bartercard is that the BDM is taking good care of me.

Bartercard Member: Dr. Waraporn walaisri - We Care Clinic, Central Pattaya

Membership: Half Year
Website: www.wecarepattaya.com

We Care Clinic was established in year 2007,and for 8 years has been a specialist beauty clinic offering professional variety beauty
care services from skin treatment to surgery.The clinic is furnished in vintage style and operates with commitment to satisfying clients
with treatment from experienced doctors.

Joining Bartercard has helped We Care clinic establish a new client base that come from across the country, making the clinic become better known and is an important business key to fulfill business. We Care Clinic has used trade on medical appliances and supplies, a major monthly cost of ours, therefore Bartercard has helped us reduce the clinic’s cost by quite a lot monthly. For the office side, We Care clinic has used Bartercard trade on office supplies such as printers or figure print readers, again helping the clinic save cash. Overall I feel Bartercard has been a help for the clinic in terms of saving cash and promoting the clinic to build a larger client base.

In my personal life I like to trade for toys and learning aids for my kid and shopping for variety products from Bartercard members and spend trade on traveling and holidays.

Bartercard Member: MR. VORAPONG PHUETPAIBOON - Amed International Group Co., Ltd.

Membership: 2 years
Website: www.amedclinic.com

Amed clinic is an aesthetics and cosmetic surgery clinic focusing on treatment results and client satisfaction above all else. Since joining Bartercard I’ve used it quite frequently. When I first joined, I did not really understand how to use the service. But since then I’ve learned and studied with the BDM who has assisted me on how to use Bartercard to aid my business. Since then I have used Bartercard to help my business in many ways.

I mostly use Bartercard to advertise my clinic such as printing media kits for sale promotions and placing them in all of our branches as well as commercial adverts on the TV to market, promote and boost sales. I found both of these to be very useful. Because the adverts are marketed to the right targets and end users, they are bringing in cash clients, meaning I’ve turned the Bartercard trade into cash.

My impressions of Bartercard are that the main advantage of it, since I’ve learnt how to use it best, is saving cash. Additionally without needing us to do any promotions, we’ve gained Bartercard members as clients of ours Therefore our client base has extended, which has been helpful.The wide variety of products I can spend my trade baht on is definitely a plus.

So if you’d like to…

  • rapidly grow your network and attract new clients and word of mouth referrals
  • fill your unproductive downtime without discounting your pricing
  • sell your idle or slow moving stock at full retail price

…and if you’d like to…

  • access an interest free line of credit to grow your business
  • save cash on some of your business expenses (including advertising, accounting, maintenance and legal)

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