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Hospitality & Tourism

You run a tourism or hospitality business and want to know how Bartercard can work for you

For over 26 years savvy tourism and hospitality businesses have been turning to Bartercard for help to fill their vacant rooms, empty seats and unsold tourism tickets. Although heavy discounting is commonplace in the industry, these businesses have found that partnering with Bartercard is a much wiser decision.  They've protected their brand value by maintaining their price, preferring to access Bartercard's community of 35,000 members to fill their vacancies at full price.  Instead of cash, these extra sales are paid using trade baht that they use to offset against their cash expenses such as advertising and promotions.

Bartercard members review Bartercard...


Bartercard Member: Pongsakorn  Ketprapakorn
Diamond Cottage Resort Co., Ltd.

Membership: 1 year
Website Resort Location: PHUKET :
Website Resort Location: KHAOLAK, PHANG NGA :

"Built with Thai style architecture, Diamond Cottage is nestled on the hillside between the southern edge of Karon and northern end of Kata, within short walking distance of both of beaches, as well as the local shopping center. The exotically beautiful resort has a comfortable ambiance and features 138 guestrooms and 10 villas. Allow yourself to relax in the comfort and beauty of Phuket. Bartercard has been very useful in helping run my business. As with all hotels, we sometimes have empty rooms and space that’s not being used daily. We can trade these products and services to Bartercard members and instead of receiving cash we get products that we normally have to buy anyway. This situation is a “win-win” for both parties."


Bartercard Member: Athaya  Siripornnoppakhun
Euro Star Co.,Ltd

Membership: 13 years
Website: www.eurostarhotel.com

"New Euro Star Jomtien Beach Hotel is a new hotel, located right on the famous Jomtien Beach, with services including meeting room service, laundry service, lobby bar, tour service and traditional Thai massage. All rooms are decorated with a blend of traditional and contemporary Thai styles with private balconies and full facilities including 24 hour room service from our EuroStar Eatery. At our tasteful and comfortable restaurant you can enjoy your delicious meal, a wide selection of traditional Thai and International cuisine. Becoming a Bartercard member helps cut down costs in many areas in my businesses.  For my hotel and restaurant we always need to update and maintain our furniture and Bartercard has become a big part of this. When I first started my hotel business I ordered the bed sets for setting up rooms , since then I’ve reordered these a couple of times, being able to use trade has been very useful. I also use a pet service every year, if I had to spend cash it would add up to be a big amount but with Bartercard  I can save cash and use trade instead."


Bartercard Member: Panspond Hongladaromp
Paree Hut Resort, Pattaya

Membership: 4 years
Website: www.pareehut.com

"Paree Hut is a name that everyone must have heard for the last 3-4 years from television and cinema. The resort concept is "cottage stands by the cliff, company by sea and the sky". The view and atmosphere that has been named as one of the most romantic resort in the world. With CEO, team and staff that together help each other manage hotel in concept "Go Green" reduce, reserve, reuse on the limited resources under "Sri Chung Sustainability Program". Therefore the products in the resort are handmade and are carefully produce from the locals.
The reasons why I joined Bartercard, Firstly for me I believe Bartercard trade is another money currency that use for trading. Secondly the benefit of this "trading currency" other than a channel for demand and supply trading that together meets their needs, Bartercard is also a channel for sourcing products and services for us.  Lastly our quality products and services is being shared to other members and non-members.
I joined because I believe in this trading, this trading is another money currency. The trading is not for gaining or losing but everyone can be happy with the benefits of it. I use Barter trade on occasionally, the system is similar to saving money in the bank. Only use when you needed to.  I call this savings by Bartercard."


Bartercard Member: Oliver Lambert
Shakers Restaurant

Membership: 10 years
Website: www.patongshakers.com

"I have had a pub & restaurant in Phuket called "Shakers" for almost 12 years now. I’ve been a member of Bartercard for approximately 10 years.I like the concept of bartering goods for services and similar, rather than nothing but cash sales.
Also it brings in customers, which helps fill up the restaurant.If there are a few Bartercard members in my restaurant it attracts cash customers too. Of course Bartercard began in Australia, so when Australians come to Phuket, they’re fairly likely to come to my restaurant. And if they’re staying in a hotel nearby, they might talk to people staying there about it, and that gets me even more cash customers. I also get plenty of locals who are Bartercard members come in fairly frequently.
Recently I traded an air filter, which is very good and bags for my staff. I found tablet computers on sale in Bangkok recently, so I traded quite a lot of them, and gave some to my staff. In addition to that, I trade things like cleaning products for my business with trade.
From time to time I trade my daughter toys and stories. I also use Bartercard trade whenever possible for my travelling. I go all over Thailand. I always try to get my accommodation through Bartercard. Sometimes it’s very helpful."

hotel Patrarapong

Bartercard Member: Patrarapong Sumpunkulapak - Baanrai Kunnai

Membership: 5 years
Website: www.baanraikhunnai.com

Baanrai Khunnai resort is a private style resort set across 150 rai land which is surrounded by nature and greenery. The resort is perfect for family holidays or holding seminars, with many activities. Since I started using Bartercard, the biggest benefit has been an increase in room sales. I have also given out resort vouchers to Bartercard members, which they have then given to their friends or family. This has resulted in customers coming to the resort and the popularity of the resort has increased. Becoming a Bartercard member helps you to buy and sell goods and services which helps to keep your business going well – business circulation in Bartercard is very good. I also use Bartercard for travelling abroad to countries such as Australia and New Zealand. Lastly if Bartercard members see the benefit from it as well, please bring your products or services into Bartercard trading. Thank you very much.

Hotel Chapapan

Bartercard Member: Chapapan  Ngernmool - Puktiencabana Resort

Membership: 11  years
Website: www.puktiencabana.com

We own a resort and hotel; Puktiencabana Resort which is located on the beach front in Petchaburi. The resort area has been open for 8 years and the hotel for just 6 years, with all of our hotel rooms offering sea views. Puktiencabana Resort is perfect for family vacations as well as holding company parties. Since I became a Bartercard member I have used Bartercard to purchase products that we need for our business such as staff uniforms, quarry tiles, water taps, lamps, gifts etc. and this has helped us to save cash. For my personal life I use Bartercard to buy products to give as gifts and use as house decoration. What I like about Bartercard is that many companies join and become a business partner to trade products and help each other to benefit together.

Hotel Rerai

Bartercard Member: Rerai  Phanmart - Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant

Membership: 6 years
Website: www.phuketsecretcliff.com

Secret Cliff Resort & Restaurant, located in Phuket, boasts 134 rooms on the resort, including a range of luxury sea view villas.The resort has been open for over 5 years and
I have been a Bartercard member for 2 years now. Bartercard helps reduce my cash spending and lower my costs. Bartercard has a variety of good quality products that suit the hotel business, for example for our Housekeeping department we can purchase washing liquid and detergents or aroma oil for Spa department. We also use Bartercard to promote and advertise our resort Spa department in Thailand and Australia, which is great as I have always wanted to break into the market in Australia. Bartercard helps to open up new markets and attract new business by recommending us to current members and non-members. My overall impression of Bartercard is that it’s convenient and saves cash flow, plus they have professional staff to take care of you and deliver quality products on time.

So if you’d like to…

  • save cash on your food or beverage expenses
  • save cash on your housekeeping and maintenance expenses
  • save cash on your sales and marketing expenses

…or if you’d like to…

  • increase your occupancy rates without discounting
  • increase your dining patronage without discounting
  • increase your gate traffic or ticket sales without discounting

Then you should consider Bartercard.

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