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Manufacturing & Printing

You're a manufacturing or printing business and want to know how Bartercard will work
for you

For over 26 years, manufacturing and printing businesses have turned to Bartercard to fill their machine's downtime and
move their idle stock.  Rather than turn their machines off or discount their prices, which results in reduced profits and
brand value, they've discovered how to get the edge by using Bartercard's simple trading system of turning unproductive time
and stock into trade baht that they are then using to reduce their cash expenses.

Bartercard reviews: Hear how businesses have benefited from Bartercard...


Bartercard Member: Saowalak Siewsurat

S2  Embroidery & Print Co., Ltd.

Membership: 7 years
Website: www.s2pattaya.com

Founded in 2006, S2 Pattaya Embroidery & Print Co. Ltd offers high-level service in marketing and premium gifts and printing production. With our marketing  team  to  analyse  customers'  needs: from  design  to  production  and  delivery.Our pre-production  and  production  team  realised the  markets'  needs  together  with  our  projects management team we can offer our clients support and consult to give the best personalised premium gift products.
We have had a great response since joining Bartercard.  Our  customer  base  has  grown, becoming  more  well  known  in  Pattaya  and Chonburi  where  customers  can  visit  our  store fronts. We also receive more enquiries from many other  provinces  such  as  Bangkok,  Chiang  Mai and Phuket.From promoting through radio spots, magazine ads using trade Baht, we became better known and expanded our customer base. As the company has different businesses to offer, Bartercard is also
a great source of good connections; for instance,sometimes  when  customers  use  one  of  our businesses for trade baht, they sometimes come back to use our other services in cash.

1 Beds Somchai

Bartercard Member: Somchai Niyombundit - Santa Mattress, Bangkok

Membership: 10 years
Website: www.santamattress.com

I've been in the bedding business for almost 15 years, starting off as a salesman, hoping to run my own agent come talk to me. I was sold! I like the variety of products available on Trade. If we are interested in a product, we can tell our BDM about it and they can provide it for us; it's really convenient. Buying on Trade helps us to manage cash, as we can sell our products and exchange with others. We've found new business partnerships such as a hotel in Khao Yai that buys our mattresses. Bartercard's also helped with expenses for building my house – I saved 20-30% on doors, chandeliers, tables, and even wood panels. Bartercard makes my life easy. I use it to take my family to hotels and restaurants, and it really saves me a lot of expenses.”


Bartercard Member: Pasith Chongsupsin
Peterpan Mattress Co., Ltd.

Membership: 2 years
Website: www.peterpan-mattress.com

"We are a bed manufacturer for shops, hotels, apartments and student dormitories. The company has been established since 1984. The main benefit of being a Bartercard member is to clear overstocks of products and in return we can use the trade to get other items that we need, such as an employee's car or uniform. Next I'm planning to use Bartercard trade for a hotel for our company's annual trip. I'm impressed that the Business Development Manager always contacts and updates me on news, allowing me to know about new services and new members that have joined Bartercard."


Bartercard Member: Monchai  Phraephaisanphooban             Bigsia Furniture Centre Ltd.

Membership: 2 years
"I'm a Winner Furniture distributor and I’ve been in the business for almost 20 years already. I became a Bartercard member at the beginning of this year and since then the main benefit is the increase in sales. I have a lot of Bartercard customers and sales trade. I will use the trade to support my business. For instance, before I had to look for suppliers myself and pay cash for what I want. But now I have the Business Development Manager from Bartercard to search for the things I want from other members and I use the Bartercard trade points to get them. That really helps me reduce cash spending. Things I trade from Bartercard are mostly for business support such as engine oil for delivery cars or trading iron bed springs or a bed. Bartercard has variety of member suppliers that exactly match my business."


garment Wisan

Bartercard Member: Wisan Wanasaksrisakul - Covenant Co. Ltd

Membership: 10 years
Website: www.covenant.co.th

Bartercard has increased the profile of my company and has helped to make our brand more recognizable. We have been able to increase the production of our polo shirts, jackets, mosquito armbands and antibacterial socks. I have used Bartercard to buy equipment that includes a tea machine and sandwich maker. Bartercard has also
given me the opportunity to stay in a hotel in Cha-am and dine in many nice restaurants.

Gift Jirawat

Bartercard Member: Jirawat Jitsuchon - Poonsuchon Co. Ltd, Bangkok

Membership: 10 years

Our company offer home décor products made from fabrics such as curtains, heated gloves and apron and premium products made from fabrics such as calico bags. While, at the moment, we serve mainly local customers, we plan to expand to overseas markets, starting with our neighbors in Asia. We sell premium products that have been manufactured to order. Usually when we manufacture, we need to produce a little above the ordered quantity. This is in case some items become damaged or do not pass our strict QC. However, in the end, we wind up with more items than we need to sell, but some of them are still top quality. Bartercard is a channel that helps us distribute these quality items to other members.

Bartercard helps in other ways as well. During trade shows, I have a chance to meet other businesspeople from a variety of professions and make new connections. Bartercard also helps us save cash. We can offer hotel rooms, restaurant meals, spa experiences or gift vouchers on Trade as a special service for our customers and incentives for staff. Bartercard makes my personal life more convenient as well. 
I usually use Bartercard to stay in hotels and resorts when I travel around Thailand with my family. We can also buy things like an ice-cream maker and a car DVD player. The company is currently building a new factory, and I have plans to use Bartercard for this project. I’ve already bought items such as lamps, laminate flooring and a sink  basin. In my opinion, I am very impressed with Bartercard's variety of benefits.

So if you’re looking to improve cashflow and profits by…

  • saving cash on packaging and transport expenses
  • saving cash on promotional and advertising expenses
  • saving  cash on accounting and legal expenses

…or if you’d like to increase your sales by…

  • filling downtime on machines and staff
  • moving idle stock from failed orders
  • launching new product lines
  • build new relationships with wholesalers or retailers

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