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You're a publisher, radio station, TV network, newspaper or advertiser and
want to know how Bartercard will work for you

Rather than discounting or gifting your unsold advertising space, you could follow what successful advertisers have been doing for the past 26 years to gain a better profit margin.  They've been working with Bartercard to convert their unsold advertising space into trade baht that they use to offset their normal business expenses.

Reviews from some Bartercard members..

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Bartercard Member: Navapol Veenin
Hiday Group Co., Ltd.

Membership: 7 years
Website: www.hiday.com

"Hiday  Group  Co.,  Ltd  produces,  and  plan advertising  media  for  many  leading  brands.The
company  owns  various  billboards  around  the country.The most obvious benefit is that our company is
more widely known both from the connections with the other bartercard members and promoting via bartercard. This increases the amount of inquiries as well as media sales.Bartercard  helps  fill  in  sales during  billboard advertising vacancies as it is much easier to close a deal than cash payment. We then use barter trade to help cut spending costs for the company. Mostly I use trade Baht to invest in real estate to have a future asset and monetary gains. As well as barter trading for raw materials to save cash such as trading for light bulbs used in our billboards."


Bartercard Member: Supakeat Suathong
K & G Pacific (Asia) Co., Ltd.

Membership: 3 years
Website: www.kngmediagroup.com

"K & G Pacific (Asia) Co., Ltd. Has been running for over 9 years with a commitment to create a commercial under the concept of “Creative Scenery Town”. Planning media strategy that is surround you outside, to get to targets efficiency and attractive to peope’s eyes. There are many Bartercard member businesses that I can partner with in order to help with company growth, non-stop development, attracting additional clients and receiving better feedback from existing clients. I’ve developed partnerships with other media companies who produce a variety of media, from billboard and magazines to TV. This has proved to be very helpful for increasing sales, as we can offer clients a wider variety of services as a package and generate more income from cash clients. Now we have a full service solution package to offer clients, we can answer all of their needs and become a “One Stop Service” as I always planned the company to be. I primarily use Bartercard as a way to plan business strategy, look for business that suits the current trends and attempt to work it into what my company does. I study products and services from Bartercard members to help improve my own brand and fill business gap. "


Bartercard Member: Yodying Saenyakul
News Perfect Communication Co., Ltd.

Membership: 15 years
Website: www.newsperfect.co.th

"I’ve been running a PR and Marketing company for over 16 years with over 300 customers. I first knew Bartercard when Thailand was in a year of critical financial crisis. I believed in the Bartercard system and applied right away and I’ve been a Bartercard member ever since. In business terms, Bartercard helps me most on the legal and accounting services. I use trade for employees as rewards or bonuses and of course for office supplies. What impresses me the most is that it helps in so many situations. I'm in the middle of building a new resort in Khao Kho, Phetchabun with a 10 million baht budget. Bartercard can help me look for people, a designer or a resort planner. But not just that, it can help with furniture, beds, pillows, construction materials, paints, sanitary ware, electronics, air conditioning, water heaters, and many more. This helps me to save a tremendous of cash. Let's say I intend to use bartercard as much as I can while I am building up this resort. And then, in 2 years when the resort is done, of course I would put the resort in the Bartercard system to service Bartercard members."

 advertising outdoor Adchara

Bartercard Member: Adchara Sachat – Victoria Image, Bangkok

Membership: 12 years
Website: www.victoria-image.com

“I like using Bartercard in both my daily life and business. On the one hand, I can enjoy relaxing spa treatments and visits to the beauty clinic on Trade, but I also sell a lot of advertising and get many Trade Baht in exchange. Advertising is a very popular Trade item, and Bartercard's helped me find many new customers includling Karshine, who use my media services. All in all, Bartercard makes both my personal and professional life easy, as I can stay in hotels and visit restaurants such as 'Sawasdee' without paying cash

advertising TV Khunprasin

Bartercard Member: Prasin Jarujinda - Thai Mongkol Multimedia Co. Ltd

Membership: 4 yeras
Website: www.mongkolchannel.com

Thai Mongkol Multimedia Co. Ltd operates a C-BAND Satellite system and produces cable TV programs via Satellite under the names “Mongkol Channel” and “Happy Home TV”. Bartercard has always been a great help to my business, especially in today’s current situation. Saving money is an important factor when making decisions for my business. The decision to use Bartercard was easy as it helps us trade services without having to pay cash up front which helps keep our cash flow steady and gives me the ability to invest in other areas of the business. I use Bartercard to purchase supplies and safety equipment for the office. I have also used Bartercard services to help promote advertising campaigns and have used products from Bartercard as incentive prizes for my customers. Bartercard is very beneficial for business owners as it gives us an opportunity to trade products and services easily with each other whilst helping to promote our businesses.

advertising outdoor Wiwat

Bartercard Member: Wiwat Kittipornpanich - V-Sign Media Co. Ltd

Membership: 8 years
Website: www.vsignmedia.com

V-Sign Media Co.,Ltd  is a full service advertising media company, from marketing events, exhibitions or shows, as well as advertising through all media types. Bartercard has helped us when searching for new equipment and souvenirs such as flower baskets which we have given to our customers as congratulatory gifts after their event. Bartercard has helped me to connect with a variety of companies and allowed me to purchase things without spending cash which has enabled me to invest in other parts of the business.

advertising outdoor Cattaleeya

Bartercard Member: Cattaleeya  Palakornkijwattana -  Roj Advertising Co. Ltd.

Membership: 4 years
Website: www.rojads.com

Roj Advertising Co.,Ltd. has been operating for 30 years. Our main business is providing
a full service of designing, producing and installing signage all over the country. The other main part of our business is renting billboard space. Where Bartercard has helped a lot is with the billboard space – at some locations sometimes the customer doesn’t continue the contract but the company still needs the cash which we can now make up by doing trade from Bartercard. Or using trade to get equipment or products we need such as glue tape. Other than that we also trade gifts for staff and use trade to get products for donating to charity, some are products that are over stock or some purposely produce new product for us to donate such as pillows and blankets. We also donate regularly the offerings of Sangkathan, the four necessities for Buddhist monks. The latest trade we have done using Bartercard was booking a hotel for the company’s trip, which helps save a lot of cash. For my personal life, I like to trade Bartercard for accommodation and when I find a nice one,  I also recommend it to others. What impresses me is that Bartercard has a variety
of products and updated technology.

So if you'd like to...

  • save cash on production costs including graphic designers, writers or printing
  • save cash on your hospitality and entertainment expenses
  • save cash on your competition and promotional expenses


  • fill idle advertising space at full value
  • sell more publications into new areas nationally
  • raise the profile of your publications

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