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Professional Services

Your business sells professional services and you'd like to know how
Bartercard will work for you

For over 26 years, Bartercard has been partnering with professional service businesses helping them fill their unproductive downtime with loyal clients,and giving them a new marketplace to promote their services.  They've then been conserving cash by paying for printing, advertising, office equipment and other regular expenses using the trade baht earned.

Reviews from Bartercard members...


Bartercard Member: Vissanu Jitsakdanont
Union Pan Exhibitions Co., Ltd.

Membership: 8 year
Website: www.unionpan.com

 "We’re a leading exhibition organizing company, the first of this kind in Thailand. We hold a lot of exhibitions throughout the year such as furniture, fashion and jewelry, weddings, spas and motor shows. As the exhibitor, we undertake the entire process, from organizing the space to making sure everything runs smoothly. As a company, we have over 36 years of experience. My business strategy has always been to maximize income whilst reducing expenses. Bartercard has been a great help with reducing my costs. When I’m looking for resorts to take my staff on our twice annual company trip, Bartercard send a list with a variety to choose from; something that has helped me save a lot of cash. I have also traded for premium gifts for my clients, such as sukiyaki boilers and roasters, as well as New Year gifts for my staff such as mobiles and mini iPads, and office supplies, tables and chairs. There is no need to take cash from the system at all, as I have Bartercard trade. I also keep space in my exhibitions for Bartercard members to use trade on, allowing them to create cash. For my personal life I like to use Bartercard trade on Spas. Or I can choose daily restaurants or trade products like water filters and electronic devices. Bartercard helps save a lot of cash for my life style. My main impression of Bartercard is that it helps save cash. Before buying anything like cars or condos, I check with Bartercard first to see if there is a way to get the same product or service with trade. And the BDM team takes good care of me with their always excellent service. However, the most important thing is that my staff and clients are happy to receive gifts bought with trade, and that makes me happy."

Shell Color

Bartercard Member: Korn Sajjatanawat - ShellColor Co., Ltd

Membership: 4 year
Website: www.shellcolor.com

Bartercard makes advertising and promoting a positive image easier for my business.
We all know that effective advertising can be very expensive and often small businesses
do not have the budget to spend in this area which can make advertising difficult at times. Using the Bartercard service I am able to advertise to increase my customer base without having to spend large sums of cash which helps keep my business productivity levels up. Also during the quieter months of rainy season we are able to take on more Bartercard transactions as we have a fewer cash paying customers which ensures that our employees are always kept busy. Bartercard is ideal for any business who wishes to grow. I also use Bartercard for fixing my cars, spa treatments, restaurants and travel when I have free time from work. The most impressive service that I have received from Bartercard is BDM or private secretary service. I had never before had a secretary and after joining Bartercard and taking advantage of this great opportunity, I realized how great it is to have secretarial assistance. I can request for consultation for both work and personal matters for a small trade fee – I am now completely hooked on having a secretary.


Bartercard Member: Kritsanu Ngamprasertpong

Membership: 3 year
Website: www.bosswood.com

"Sound Republic is a national leading sound system distributor that well known for many years. We offer everything from home sound systems through to professional sound systems that are used in hotels, restaurants and conferrence rooms. We have an expert team that provides full service of design and install sounds system for you. And we are also  well known as a distributor for  stereos in department store and shops all over the country. I use Bartercard to release products that has a slow move and bring Bartercard trade to get useful things for the company. Especially my company is now opening new showrooms and office branches I mostly use trade on office decorations such as curtains, carpets, plates, glasses, artificial flowers, frames, liquid cleanser include garden arrangement.That all helps company save a lot of cash and reduce the finance burden very well. I also use trade on marketing tools like leaflets, brochures or PR, advert in magazines."


Bartercard Member: Yonla-on  Yu-anun
Monkey's Wash Co.,Ltd.

Membership: 4 year
Website: www.starcoatingperformance.com

"My business is premium car coating service, with new technology. The formula is mixed with resin and makes the car durable to sun and animal droppings for  3 years. Prior to the coating we will take care of any scratches, before applying coating for a shiny look. The shop is located on Akemai-Ramindra Road and it has been opening for 4 years. Since I joined Bartercard, I’ve used the trade to buy a few cars and a security camera for the company. Or at Bartercard trade shows I buy car products such as cloths, chemical liquid and sponges that I can use with my business. I’ve also bought gifts for clients which help save cash. In my personal life I like to use it at the spa. What I like about Bartercard is that it helps me have more business friends and contacts."


Bartercard Member: Wariya Na Ranong
Biogrow (TH) Co., Ltd.

Membership: 7 year
Website: www.biogrow.co.th.

"Our company, Biogrow, with 30 years of experience, is an expert in supplements and vitamins from the United States. Biogrow has a variety of products, from vitamins and supplements for skin to weight loss aids or resident medical devices distributed in Boots or Watsons shops, as well as over 4,000 drugstores. In terms of business, as Biogrow has many sales booth activities, we use Bartercard trade on resorts to hold product training seminars as well as excursions for the staff. Other advantages include Bartercard’s good publicity, having members in the media business. Therefore I have used Bartercard to promote my business through TV shows and magazine ads, something that I’ve found to be a great help. The impression I have of Bartercard is that it’s so convenient and I can trade without cash."

So if you’re looking to improve your cashflow and profits by…

  • filling downtime and unproductive hours with clients at full value
  • saving cash on regular business expenses
  • saving cash on promotions and advertising expenses

…and if you’d like…

  • to gain extra local and national promotion
  • access a business membership database
  • increased clients through word of mouth referrals

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