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Property Development

You're a builder or developer and would like to know how Bartercard will work for you

Rather than have their properties sit on the market for months, keeping money tied up, making interest payments and
being unable to move on to new projects, builders and developers have been desperately searching for an edge that will
get their properties sold fast, without having to discount, so they can maintain their profit margins.

For over 26 years Bartercard has been working with builders and developers using simple strategies that get their properties
sold without having to price cut. They've tapped into a network of approximately 35,000 like-minded business people and have structured the sales to accept a percentage of the overall price in Bartercard trade baht.

Bartercard review: Hear from one of our most successful developers...

property Worawut

Bartercard Member: Worawut Cheawjareon - Lalisa Natural Lanna and Lalisa Natural Home, Chiang Mai and Lopburi

Membership: 2 years

My family was involved in the real estate business, and, for me it was only natural
to pursue this career path as well. The more I work in this field, the better I become
at my job. I was introduced to Bartercard by my friends who invited me to join as
a member. When they tried to explain the concept, I was confused at first, but when
I listened carefully, I realized that Bartercard was actually an excellent match for my business and personal needs.
The main thing is, with Bartercard, I’m able to save cash, exchange goods and services, and find many kinds of gifts for customers. I also give my employees Bartercard
gift vouchers as a bonus they can use to shop at the Bartercard’s new main branch.
Whenever we need anything, we can tell our BDM and we can usually get what we've requested. In my business, Bartercard has helped me to sell houses, condos and bricks.

Bartercard is also very convenient for helping with personal expenses. I can get decorations for my home and use Barter during family vacations. During trips out of Bangkok, I use Bartercard at restaurants, hotels and spas. This way I can enjoy dining, drinking and relaxing outdoors with family, relatives and even my guests. For instance, during my last trip to Phuket, I stayed in a Bartercard hotel, dined and used the spa
in Bartercard venues and visited the local Bartercard office to look for some goods to trade. In the future, I plan to travel around Thailand and abroad. I might be able to use Bartercard for hotel reservations, car rentals and other services, as well as buy some more home decorations.

So if you'd like to improve cashflow and profits by…

  • gaining more pre-sales
  • selling your properties faster without having to price cut
  • reducing your holding costs

And you’d like to...

  • save cash by offsetting some of your business and building expenses

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