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You're a retailer and want to know how Bartercard will work for you

Do you have excess or idle stock or do your sales depend on seasonal trends?  All retailers have to regularly use their experience and judgement whenever they're buying stock to re-sell.  We all know that on occasions the trends may change, new models will arrive and, despite our best efforts, we get left with stock we can't sell.  This leaves us with the tough choice of heavily discounting the stock to get it sold or let it sit idle, hoping that someone will eventually come in and buy it.

For over 26 years, savvy retailers have been turning to Bartercard to help shift their excess or idle stock at full retail value.
In a cut-throat industry they've been searching for an edge over their competition.  They're not prepared to sit on the extra stock tying up their valuable cash or resort to heavy discounting, which devalues their brand.  Instead, they've tapped into
a community of approximately 35,000 new customers within the Bartercard network to convert this excess stock into
trade baht that they're then using to offset against their cash business expenses.

Reviews from Bartercard members in the retail industry...


Bartercard Member : Jitra Sae-wang

Membership: 1 year
Website: www.facebook.com/bbcoffeewangthonglang

"BB Coffee is a cafe that is  cutely decorated in pink with relaxing atmosphere located in ‘Chill Chill In Town’ project. The place offers coffee, desserts and other beverages.We have benefitted greatly from Bartercard in cost saving, which enables us to invest the money into other aspects of the business and ensuring a good cash flow for the business.Our  business  development  manager  always advises us on marketing aspects. This includes making billboards, embroidering our logo onto our fitness towels, or printing backdrops, brochures,
business cards for our various businesses to help standardise our marketing materials and become more memorable to the customers. "


Bartercard Member : Prathuang Phongsachai

Express Plus Co.,Ltd.

Membership: 3 years

"For more than 15 years, Express Plus Co., Ltd has been manufacturing and distributing furniture under the brand “Nice Sleep”, primarily beds, mattresses, sofas and other bedroom furniture targeting hotel groups and department stores around Thailand.The  most  obvious  benefit  for  us  is  cutting costs and improving stock for the company as we produce our own products.Due to its members being in various industries,we  are  able  to  target  customers  directly  and increase our customer base. Bartercard has many promotional  channels  including  “Open  House Day”  where  members  visit  the  factory  to  buy directly as well as email lists. These members are normally business owners so they have purchasing decisions, so the process is very simple without us having to go through representatives."


Bartercard Member : Abeed Chashoo

Oriental Artifacts Co.,Ltd.

Membership: 2 years

""Oriental Artifacts" providing clients custom made art from master craftsmen around the world, to collections  of  unique  artisan  quality  of  carpets, fine silk, hand crafted jewellery, home decorations, collectables and more. I have been a member for 2 years, the biggest benefit  for  me  is  improving  and  expanding  my business without spending lots of additional capital.I've found bartering to be a helpful, creative way to  save  money  and  helps  us  to  establish  good relationships with suppliers or vendors. While I am a member of Bartercard, there is an opportunity to be an exhibitor at Trade show Exhibition with our local barter which we can show and exchange our products. When we accept new barter business we can increase market share. It means we take sales away from our competitors who are not in the barter network."


Bartercard Member : Poonyapimsasi Chanyasukasorn

CCT Kitchenware Co., Ltd.

Membership: 3 years
Website: www.cctkitchenware.com

"CCT  Kitchenware  has  been  importing  stainless kitchenware from China and Korea, and distributing in the form of retail and wholesale for over 40 years.The Bartercard network is huge and has many channels to promote our products. For example,sending out emails to promote our products has brought in many new customers, such as hotels or restaurants. In  marketing, I  have  used  various  marketing media to advertise my products such as a digital
TV ad and magazine ads that I paid for through barter trade. The media targets are people with purchasing  power  who  are  looking  for  quality products. Thus, we acquire new customers who otherwise we cannot reach ourselves."


Bartercard Member : Komkrit Mekiyanon

Eve Lighting Co., Ltd.

Membership: 9 months
Website: www.evelighting.com

" Eve Lighting Co., Ltd. we are the fastest in bringing innovation and value of lighting products and accessories to improve consumer’s quality of life, worldwide. Bartercard provides us an additional marketplace, and allows me to look for products I want that suit my needs, if I need anything, I can always ask Bartercard to help source it for me. Bartercard allows us to distribute and release these products, allowing for better circulation. I can also use the trade to reduce company expenses.Bartercard helps me create connections and direct sales to business owning Bartercard members. Bartercard also helps promote my brand to the market, making it better known through online distribution channels and at Bartercard trade shows. "


Bartercard Member : Jatupon Kengwinitkul

J' NS Andaman Co., Ltd.

Membership: 2 years
Website: www.jnsandaman.com

" J'NS Andaman Co Ltd is a foods processing company certified by GMP and HACCP standards. Since the founding of our factory, we have developed our products, dried seafood snacks, which are of the highest grade in quality, taste and nutrition. We use only the freshest raw ingredients in our simple recipe to make healthy and tasty seafood for a variety of tastes and appetites. I have dried seafood snacks that we’re exporting to many countries around the world. However we still haven’t reached the Thai market. Therefore I started to use Bartercard to test the Thai Market response to my product. We get to know the product needs of Thai market, so Bartercard is collecting the product statistics for me which boosts my confidence in expanding the market in Thailand. Secondly, when the trade happens, we are developing a client base in Thailand. And thirdly, the most important thing is that Bartercard helps our brand to be better known. Bartercard is a promoting tool for our product and that’s a winner. Bartercard members have given us very good feedback every time I attended the Bartercard trade show to trade my dried seafood products. So now I’m starting to distribute our product in Thai markets and it’s going very well. We are now distributing our products in many Thai gifts shops around the country and soon to be distributing to department stores, supermarkets and minimarts for customer convenience. "


Bartercard Member : Sathaporn Thaphrik

Retech Prosecure Co., Ltd.

Membership: 1 year
Website: www.retechprosecure.com

" Retech Prosecure Co., Ltd. Is trusted by  Zynek Technology Co.,Ltd. Founder of “Prosecure” to be sole distributor of full service security system that has been growing continually. We have security system expert team that has over 10 years of experience to take care of you. Bartercard answer my marketing needs by making my business’ name better known through product exhibitions that I rent space from Bartercard members, allowing me to meet with other entrepreneurs directly. Bartercard also has EDM (email direct marketing) that helps promote my products.Bartercard is another solution for running business without using cash. We can best make use of it by choosing products and services that suit and support our business. Bartercard is a very supportive business tool."

Sporting Nutcharat

Nutcharat Santifuangkul - Joy Sports Co. Ltd.

Membership: 14 years
Website: www.feelfreekayak.com

We first heard about Bartercard through a BDM. From that day on we used Bartercard
a lot! Each month we used it for things such as stationery, CDs, promotion of our business, staff uniforms and even drinking water.

Bartercard is great for us as we can use it in Australia and New Zealand where we have two business partners already. It's great for trading products; no need to use cash.

Florists Anuchit

Bartercard Member: Anuchit Rachakaew - Timmy Flowers & De'cor

Membership: 4 years
Website: www.timmyflowers.com

“Flowers for every special occasions”, we design and decorate flowers for indoor and outdoor events such as weddings, formal events or parties. We use both fresh flowers and artificial flowers for arrangements and can also make bouquets as gifts for home decoration. We are located at Suan Siam road, Bangkok.
Bartercard is another marketing tool for our business to help make more sales and
it helps open the door to a new target group of customers. By using Bartercard I am saving cash and actually I have gained cash from using Bartercard to add value to my products. I use Bartercard a lot in my personal life, for example, I love shopping for household decorations, sunglasses, watches, shoes and so on. I really enjoy decorating my house and have bought things such as beautiful furniture, luxury lamps and imported carpets. These items can be quite expensive so it’s great that I can use Bartercard and save my cash – using Bartercard is like giving myself a reward for working hard.
Bartercard is a new way of business and we need to find what is suitable for our products and services and what we can gain from it. In fact trading products is not something new at all, but Bartercard has established a good system. Throughout every trade, BDM has taken really good care of me no matter how big or small. Thank you Bartercard for your excellent organization and helping to build another doorway for business.

home appliances Suphalerk

Suphalerk  Panurat - Modern Lady House Co., Ltd

Membership: 14 years
Website: www.modernladyhouse.com

Modern Lady House is a household appliance distributor that sells directly to consumers. We have been developing products to suit Thai consumers needs for
32 years now. I mostly use Bartercard to buy gifts to give to my customers, which
helps to form and maintain strong relationships. I also use it to book hotels and seminar rooms. For my personal use I like to use Bartercard for travelling, staying at a resort
or eating out at restaurants. My overall impression of Bartercard is that BDM always
give me the information, services and products I need.

Home appliances Naree

Bartercard Member: Naree  Lertpuntawong - S.N.A. Marketing & Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Membership: 13 years
Website: www.snahomemate.com

I started my business in electric appliances/parts in the year 2000. We import parts from other country and assemble them in Thailand. We select only the best parts and products from various countries, that's why we have a quality product. I have been
a Bartercard member for 11 years. Bartercard offers a variety of products and goods,
as well as giving me the opportunity to learn about new businesses. We sell in big batches (B2Bsystem ) and often import parts that are more than the quantity required, we assemble those parts and make products which we can sell. As we do not have
a store, Bartercard offers the best benefit to our business by giving us the opportunity
to sell our products to other businesses or individuals who are not in our B2B system – that way we can clear the stock and the members get a quality product. We use Bartercard points to trade things we need such as office supplies; paper boxes, ink. What I really like about using Bartercard is I do not have to carry cash, just a member card and I can use services for myself or my business. Lastly, I am impressed by the service of the BDM’s, you can contact them to ask for information.

Bakeries Jennifer

Bartercard Member: Jennifer Tunsaringkran, Free Smell Gourmet Co. Ltd

Membership: 5 years
Website: www.famousamos.shutterfly.com
We are a Master franchisee of Famous Amos Cookies, an international franchise brand selling Cookie Gifts and Cookie Hampers filled with Famous Amos freshly baked cookies using ingredients 100% imported from USA. Bartercard has helped us to become better known and attract new customers. We sell gift vouchers for freshly baked cookies in Bartercard trade. You can select a basket pack or hamper which comes elegantly packaged to give as a gift during the festive season or as a gift for customers, friends or family. Bartercard members often give our cookies and cookie hampers to other business owners who are not members of Bartercard, which has helped us expand our customer base and it is also a very good way of promoting our business. I use Bartercard to eat at restaurants and book hotels for taking staff out for our New Year’s trip. Now I am very interested in buying a pick-up truck to transport cookies. Since I became a Bartercard member, over the past 3 years I have already bought 2 cars. a Benz and a VIP van.

So if you’d like to...

  • save cash on in store promotions and advertising
  • save cash on uniforms and other staff expenses
  • save cash on everyday business expenses like accounting and legal services

…and if you’d like…

  • move your idle or end of line stock at full retail value
  • avoid discounting price wars with your direct competition
  • access a new customer base to promote your business

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