How to use Bartercard for better business results

Unlock More Customers

Expand your customer base effortlessly with Bartercard. Instead of resorting to traditional methods like hiring more salespeople or costly advertisements, embrace a smarter approach. Accept Bartercard trade bahts as an alternative payment method and tap into a motivated market of customers eager to do business with you. Gain a competitive advantage, increase sales, and boost profitability.

Slash Cash Expenses

Managing cash flow is crucial, and Bartercard offers a solution. Not only will you increase sales, but you'll also have the power to utilize trade bahts and an interest-free line of credit. Offset a portion of your cash expenses by leveraging these resources, preserving your financial reserves for other essential areas of your business. Why spend cash when you can conserve financial resources by utilizing trade bahts?

Harness the Power of Business Networks

Bartercard is more than just a trade platform; it's a thriving community. As a member, you gain access to local and national networking events designed to foster meaningful connections. Expand your business network, forge profitable relationships, and seize opportunities for growth. Witness regular business transactions within the trade exchange, resulting in additional cash referral business from new connections.

Sell Excess Stock at Normal Price

Say goodbye to discounting, dealer promotions, and writing off unsold inventory. With Bartercard, there's a better way. Sell your excess stock at the normal selling price, preserving your precious profit margins. Maximize profitability by utilizing the Bartercard platform to sell surplus inventory and maintain healthy margins.

Boost Your Profit Margins

With the Cost of Trade Baht, you can purchase products and services at a significantly reduced variable cost. When selling on Bartercard, calculate your Cost of Trade Baht to determine the actual cost incurred. By offering products or services at a higher trade value, you can acquire goods and services at a substantial discount equivalent to your gross margin. This means every transaction made through Bartercard helps you maximize your profit margins and increase savings.

Enhance Your Lifestyle

Earn extra income through our platform and indulge in lifestyle purchases that enhance your personal and professional well-being. With Bartercard, you can use the revenue earned from sales or tap into interest-free credit lines to enjoy memorable vacations and cover various lifestyle expenses. From dining out and fashion to entertainment, hobby equipment, gym memberships, spa massages, home furniture, and more, Bartercard empowers you to live the life
you desire while growing your business.

Fuel Capital Growth

As a Bartercard member, you have access to an interest-free line of credit. This invaluable benefit enables you to apply for credit limit increases, ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 trade baht or more, based on your trading history, equity, and security. With an enhanced credit limit, you can fund the capital growth needed to expand your business. Some members have utilized substantial lines of credit to acquire new premises, undertake renovations, or launch extensive marketing campaigns, propelling their businesses to new heights.

Efficiently Collect Outstanding Debts 

Bartercard offers a unique solution for businesses facing difficulties in collecting cash from customers. Instead of prolonged debt collection processes, Bartercard members can propose accepting products or services as payment for outstanding amounts. If agreed upon, the member can collect the debt by taking possession of the debtor's products. These assets can then be utilized within the Bartercard network. By selling these assets or services through the network, the member reduces the outstanding debt while converting it into tangible value. Say goodbye to burdensome unpaid debts and maintain a healthy cash flow with Bartercard.